Gratitude Journal #82

 Gratitude Journal #82

Lockdown Easing

Life is feeling a little bit easier with lockdown having eased. We are still mostly at home but we have been venturing out to do the food shop and to grab any other things we might need. The first time I took the girls out, we headed off to grab some paint and I then took them for a McDonalds. They were so excited to be out of the house. When I told them where we would be going and that it wasn't anything exciting, E said "I don't care I'm just glad we're going out".  That did make me feel a little guilty but there's nothing I could have done about it.

Parks Re-opening 

This week we met up with one of E's school friends at the local park.  Although it was fairly warm, I was grateful it was cloudy. The park wasn't too busy either so we were able to spend a couple of hours there. It did the girls some good to see someone different and it was nice for us Mums too!

My Workroom

Slowly but surely, it's coming together. Last weekend, D painted it for me. I've opted for a soft turquoise. There's only a small window in there so I wanted to keep it as light and bright as possible. The sockets are done and the lights have been fitted.  The floor is next, first up is leveling it out and then once that is dried we (D!) can lay the flooring.  I know how I want it set out but at the moment I'm still undecided on the exact storage.

I'm itching to get to my fabrics and threads and to get creating again. Being able to just have everything around me and not having to put it away each time I have to stop.  I'm bursting with ideas and can't wait to crack on again.  

Cross Stitch

Over the last few weeks I've got myself into cross stitch and I'm really enjoying it.  Its something for me to focus on and allows me to indulge in some creativity.  The girls love doing it too, which is great to see.

Building Works

We're in the process of having our driveway wall rebuilt. It's been a very long process for various, boring reasons, but it's starting to come together and once it is complete, will really tidy up the outside of the house.

Hairdressers Re-opening

Hurrah! We've all been to the hairdressers. I had several inches taken off and my hair looks and feels much healthier and tidier. The kids had a good tidy up too and are looking decidedly less feral

Helping a friend

My friend L is setting up a new business and I've helped her out with a logo for it.  I'm also helping to set up her Facebook page. Logos aren't normally my thing but I have to say that I've enjoyed doing it and being able to help. I'm looking forward to seeing her grow her business and make a success of it, as I know she will.

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