Gratitude Journal #83

Gratitude Journal #83

Gosh, I first started writing this gratitude post back on the 18th August.  I didn't intend to be away for so long but here we are.  I think my desire to write about anything disappeared towards the end of the school holidays, it was hard knowing what to write about when we were just staying at home, without any days out.  

So, here's my latest Gratitude Journal:

Back to School

We were all thrilled when the girls were able to go back to school.  Never again will I complain about the school holidays being too long.  I felt a little bit of uncertainty at sending them back to school but I was reassured by everything the school is doing to protect them.  Not only that but they need to be back for their mental wellbeing, E in particular struggled with being at home.

We managed a full 3 days back at school before the first cold hit and it was 6 days when they were sent home from school with a cough and cold.  I shall write more about that fiasco but, thankfully, they were both absolutely fine and after 10 days at home, they are now back at school. Again!

Child Free

Today I'm childfree until early evening.  My MiL is collecting the girls from school and D will collect them on his way home from work.  I've had a really nice day. I've been to the hairdressers, popped to work, done a food shop and had a mooch in the crystal shop on my way home.

Grandpa in Hospital

Obviously, it isn't great that he is in hospital but I'm grateful that he is as he has been poorly for quite some time, in and out of hospital on emergency admissions.  He has had sepsis markers on the last two occasions and today I got word that he actually has an ecoli and is receiving strong antibiotics to help clear it. 

Catching up

A family member and I that had drifted apart have been talking more recently.  I've missed them and I'm grateful that we are getting on and speaking more regularly than we were.  We both need to make more effort and I'm grateful we're in the position where that is what is happening. 


It is so close to being finished. D has put in a new door and frame which needs a coat of varnish on them.  All that is left to do is connect the radiator and fit a window sill. Oh, and for me to decide on what furniture I want!  I have a rough idea in mind, I just need to make a decision.  


As news talks of us edging towards a second wave of coronavirus, I'm grateful that we have stayed healthy up to this point.  Once lockdown lifted, we stayed cautious and we have only been out a handful of times. Other than that, it has been school, work and a food shop here and there. It hasn't always been easy and I've felt guilty for the girls not doing all of the usual things we would during the holidays but it has got us this far. I hope and pray we remain that we continue to stay lucky. 


Sometimes I can feel a little as though I'm on my own. I have a couple of close friends but I wouldn't say I had masses of friends in my circle and I do tend to keep to myself quite a lot.  I was grateful that throughout lockdown and when the girls were sent home for 10 days that people took the time to see if we were all OK and if we needed anything.  Of course, I did the same.  It's nice to know that support is there when it is really needed and I was grateful for all the offers of help. 

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