Gratitude Journal #84



I'm grateful we have been able to get his annual boosters back on track. I will be very grateful when they are finished so that I am able to walk him again.

After School Play Dates

My in-laws have collected the girls twice from school this week, once on our normal day and also the same day they collect my niece.  This means that I get another day to myself during the week.  That day is today and they won't be home until early evening when D collects them after work.  So far other than at the school gate, I haven't spoken to anyone whether by phone, text or online. Buddy doesn't count, clearly! It's been bliss.  I've just pottered around the house getting odd jobs done and catching up with laundry.  


I love saying goodbye to the warm weather and embracing autumn.  The cooler weather has been lovely and I'm enjoying being able to wear a cardigan again!


I had a clear out of some of the girl's clothes last week and was able to pass a few on to two of my friends.  I always pass them on saying that I'm not offended if they don't like or want them, they just need to either pass them on to someone else or pop them in the charity shop.  There were two days in a row last week where my friend's little girl was wearing some of the bits I had given her.  R told me she loved to get second hand pieces as they were barely worn for long in between growth spurts. I'm just pleased to be able to pass things on and seeing some of my favourite things being worn and loved again.

Lavender Oil 

I made myself some oil infused in lavender from my garden and recently bottled it up.  It smells absolutely amazing and I'm glad I took the time to do it. It can be used for all sorts of things and I plan on making some more.

Helping a friend out

My best friend, L, has recently been attuned in reiki. I've been putting my skills to use and helped her with a logo and setting up her Facebook page.  It's been exciting to see it all coming together for her and I know she'll be amazing at it. 

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