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Gratitude Journal #33

Parties to Keep the Kids Amused
At the weekend, both the girls had parties! They've been bickering quite a bit recently so it was a welcome break for each of them.  E's was at the local farm and T's was a disco party in the village hall.  

T's Teacher
T has been particularly challenging over the last couple of weeks so I made the decision to speak to her teacher, Mrs T. I cannot fault Mrs T, she goes above and beyond for her class and I will always be grateful for the help she gives us.  She has spoken to T for us and is working with us to make a plan of action, despite the issues taking place at home rather than in school. 

An Afternoon at the Beach
Sunday saw us pack the girls bikes into the car and head to Hunstanton.  The girls loved being out on their bikes and Buddy loved being to chase after them, although not quite so much as being able to bark at every dog he saw.  They did really well on their bikes, normally we have to tell them off for messing about but they were good and we followed it up with taking them to McDonalds for their dinner, which was bloomin' amazing as it meant I I didn't have to faff about with their dinners when we got in! 

I'm grateful to have got my pre-op over and done with.  The staff were all friendly and kind and despite feeling a little overwhelmed after 2 hours there, I feel like I know what to expect now. 

Asthma Check
I've started this week with an asthma check to see if the cough I've had since October (ish) is asthmatic. Apparently not, my lung function is above average for someone of my build, which is good to know.  So I'm not asthmatic anymore (yay!) but on the flip side, it does now mean I have to see the Dr again to see what course of action she wants to take.  There's always something, isn't there?!

Silent Sunday

Twinkly Tuesday | Featuring Sensational Learning with Penguin

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! We've had a couple of beautifully sunny days here in Norfolk which have really helped to lift my mood, particularly as we've had quite a lot of rain recently!  As I sit writing this, I'm slowly trying to psyche myself up for my pre-op at hospital, which I've been warned can take up to two hours. Yikes -  I shall be taking a book to try and make the most of any waiting time!

On to this week's Tuesday Twinkler, which is a fun post from Sensational Learning with Penguin, making paper roll penguins. My two love getting the craft box out and I know they would just love making these!

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Gratitude Journal #32

New Shoes for T
My in laws phoned me whilst I was at work this week to say that T needed a new pair of shoes. The buckle/fastening had pulled off when she was doing them up.  Luckily, Sainsburys is a short drive from work and I was able to nip up and grab her a pair.  Even luckier, they only had one pair of shoes in stock, in her size and they were nice.

T being helpful
This week, T has come home from school and asked what jobs she can do to help me and she has also been doing little things without asking, for example when I was in the shower she came in to tell me she had made our bed for me.  I think part of this is because we've told her she isn't allowed to use her tablet as much as she has been and this is a way of her earning time on it.  On the flipside, she has also been quite mischievous in the last few days with lying and doing things she really shouldn't be doing.  

SATS Tests for E

When I dropped E off at school on Wednesday, the tables in her classroom were all separated out.  It clicked later that this is the month that the year 2's do their SATS tests. When I asked her after school about it, she was very blase about it all and didn't have a huge amount to say about it, which is just how I want it. At 6 - well, any age really - I don't want her worrying about taking tests, so long as she tries.

Reduced Gluten Free Food
I've been very grateful for my MiL keeping an eye out for reduced gluten free foods when she's been shopping.  This week she's managed to pick me up a couple of loaves of bread (straight in the freezer with those), some fresh ravioli and a couple of other bits. It makes such a difference to the food bill if I can pick some up reduced.

After 4 or 5 days in a row of rain, we've finally had a couple of days of sunshine. Hoorah!  The girls have been playing outside and D and I have been pottering in the garden, weeding and cutting the grass and all those little jobs that need doing. 

Can Amethyst Heal?

I have a friend who is very keen on crystals. She has a number of them which are supposed to do different things and when we were sat down having coffee one day, I asked her about them.  I said to her I wasn't entirely sure that I believed in their so called healing powers.    

A couple of weeks later, I had a message from her to say she wasn't sure it was my 'thing' but that she had brought me a little something to help with my anxiety. It turned out to be a piece of amethyst, smooth and fairly flat, it fits gently in the hand.  

I don't know much about crystals and before receiving this kind gift, I knew very little about the so called healing properties of amethyst, all that I knew was that it was my birth stone.  So what healing properties is it said to have?  Apparently the ancient Greeks used to wear amethyst and make their drinking vessels from it, believing that it would protect them from intoxication.  The other properties are said to be:

- Easing tension and headaches
- Balancing the endocrine and circulatory system
- Boosting cell regeneration
- Bringing calmness
- Aiding meditation
- Attracting positive energy
- Enhancing spirituality and intuition

As I said, I'm not sure where I stand on the use of crystals but I popped it in my pocket and its been there ever since. Its very tactile to hold and I often find myself holding it if I'm on the phone or stood waiting around for the children after school. My friend told me she keeps hers in her bra so that its always against the skin! 

So, has it helped me?  I'm not sure. I've had it for a few weeks now and it has to be said that for the last 2 or 3 of those I've been feeling quite unwell, with this past week being the worst I've felt since my stomach issues really kicked in to play in March 2018.  On the flip side of that, I do think that on the whole I've felt less stressed recently and slightly less anxious. Is it the placebo effect or coincidental? Who knows but I think its worth hedging my bets and continuing to keep it with me, although I'm thinking about getting a bracelet as it will then always be on my skin, as opposed to when I take it out of my pocket.

Do you use crystals, are there any you have found helpful and would recommend? Or are you a crystal sceptic and think its nonsense? I'd love to hear what you think.